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Technical Support, Editing, Customisation & Optimisation

Service Description

If you are looking for editing, customisation or optimisation of your application that is either built in Animate CC and uses Actionscript, Starling, Haxe or OpenFL, ZimJS or Tumult Hype then this service is for you.

Here is the list of tasks I can help you with : 

1. Editing:

This category includes basic editing and changes. For example,

a) Editing, deleting or replacing text, images with new ones. 

b) Adding a new page to an existing website or presentation, with the new content provided by you.

c) Changing the look and feel of an existing content, page or component. That generally includes changes in fonts, colours, html, css and themes of the application. 

2. Customisation: If you are not satisfied with the way a component is working in your application. Or you have a feature or enhancement you want to add, then you can go for customisation. This generally includes changes in the original code.

a) Customising the way, a component works or outputs information. 

b) Enhancing the functions of a component or module.

c) Adding a new feature to the existing component or module. 

3. Optimisation: If your application is eating a lot of memory, then you can ask for optimising the application. I can assist in:

a) Detecting and solving possible memory leaks in the application. 

b) Solving problems related to the load time of application.

c) Removing unnecessary assets from the flash library and code.d) Optimising the size of assets. ( For example bitmaps to vectors, wherever possible) Modifying the code responsible for eating memory, because of careless use of loops, timers etc.













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