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What is an Educational Game?

Images are worth a million words. Use of images is one of the widely used method in information technology today. Whether it is newspaper, magazine, television media or even the internet, everything heavily relies on using images and videos to deliver their content effectively.

When a series of related images are combined they make up an animation or video. When series of such images  become interactive it can make a playable activity or game.  Unlike videos, viewers can immerse themselves into the game interacting with an imaginary world, by ability to move the objects, clicking the buttons to get appropriate responses etc.

More the user gets interested and involved into an activity, the more will be their ability to grasp the content. This concept of providing education and learning through interactive application is used as the foundation of all educational games.  

Games and simulations are among the best ways to educate people especially kids. By the use of pictures, animations and interactivity, games have the ability to add fun aspect to any teaching material which is otherwise difficult to grasp for small kids.  Any type of science or math lesson can be made fun by adding characters that can be played to do certain things on the screen. The player not only enjoys but even don't realise that they are learning many new things in this process, which can be very boring otherwise.

Service Description

If you are teacher, tutor, trainer or parent looking for a better way to teach your students or kids, and make their learning experience fun and entertaining then this service can help you.     You can buy the service to develop an educational game or simulation. The game can be about learning alphabets, solving math, simulating a science project, chemistry, computer or brainteasers like  sudoku, puzzles, jigsaw, matching and find games. 

I mainly use Create JS, Zim JS and Open FL for HTML5.0 games. And Actionscript for desktop games. I can program unity 2d games using C#.  


Becoming a new patient?

1: Ask your Doctor or clinic to complete the Drakenstein Palliative Hospice referral form which can be downloaded here.

2: Send us your referral via email, fax or hand deliver to 109 Breda Street, Paarl. This can be done either by yourself, a family member or your health practitioner.

3: Drakenstein Palliative Hospice will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a home visit to assess your needs and work with you on a way forward.

What areas we work in?

We work primarily in the Drakenstein Sub-District, as part of the Cape Winelands. We look after over 220 free patients in the district per month. On request we will assist patients in neighbouring towns where their is no palliative care or homebased care service.

Are you interested in our free service?

We provide a free service to all who require palliative care whether or not they are able to pay. All additional services such as private palliative care, adherance support or advance care plan services please see the next section on our paid services. Our free service provides access to the specialised skills of our interdiciplinary team. The focus is on the professional management of symptoms associated with a severe life-threatening and life-limiting illness.

  • Together we develop an individual care plan and allocate staff and resources to achieve the plan.
  • The plan is revised together with the patient and their family, adapted as needs and circumstances change.
  • Home-based caregivers may be allocated to assist with some hygiene needs.
  • We work togther with the family, providing specialised expertise and support to maximise quality of life and dignity in death.
Our motto is: Helping people help people Please contact us to find out more about our Free Service.

Are you interested in our paid service?

Our speciality is quality homebased care. The paid service offers supervised expertise for patients and families who may need more than the free service.

  • The DPH interdiscipllinary team admits the patient, develops a care plan and provides on-going care and supervision as per care plan.
  • Caregivers will then be allocated and introduced to the patient and family members.
  • Our team will supervise and support the caregivers to provide the best in quality home care.
  • The service may be terminated at anytime with 24 hours notice.
The conditions for our paid service can be downloaded here. Please contact us if you have any further questions or queries.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care focusses on managing the symptoms associated with an illness that has the potential to limit your quality of life and life expectancy. Palliative care focusses on the whole person;

  • in his/her environment;
  • within his/her social circumstances;
  • considering personal religious, cultural or spiritual preferences;
  • supporting the emotional impact;
  • addresses understanding of the illness while;
  • professionally managing the symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting, constipation, agitation, body changes etc.

Am I eligible to make use of this service?


Patients with Cancer, who are HIV positive (Aids), have drug resistant or complicated TB, terminal diabetes, terminal CVA, congestive cardiac failure, motor neuron disease (MND), severe dementia etc., who requirie holistic palliative care: physical (active symptom management), emotional, social, cultural, health literacy and spiritual care.

Physical Needs:

Patients who spend more than 50% of their time in bed (non-ambulant patients). Patients in need of nursing care; wound care, pain control, a bed bath, PEG feeding, tracheostomy or stoma care and suport, pressure care, who may need their blood pressure or diabetes monitoring or TB and medication management or medication and dressing supplies for patients not able to get to their nearest clinic.

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24 Nov 2020