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Service Description

Bug fixing is an important stage of software development. However debugging soon becomes frustrating many a times, when the programmers fail to organize the code in the right way.


I can fix bugs in your projects with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The project must be either related to Actionscript, Starling, Haxe/OpenFL, Create JS, ZimJS, Tumult Hype, Unity 2d ( c# ) or JSFL .

The bug fixing can be anything related to logical, compiler or runtime errors. I can also assist you to write the code in an optimized way, that can help you reducing the overall  file size. That will in turn help reducing the size of output file. At the same time I can also assist you, to avoid any memory leak problems as well as high cpu usage, by the output file.


What do you need to get started?

All you will need to provide me the code. A brief description about the bug will help. Also the information, how i can reproduce the bug at my side.

For which technologies do you provide this service?

Actionscript 3.0, Starling Framework, Haxe/Open FL, Create JS, Zim JS, JSFL, Unity 2D ( C#), Tumult Hype

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Bangalore (Karnataka),  India

Last updated on

24 Nov 2020